Malia Dell  Saturday Jan. 9th 1pm 

Drop in January 9th and meet local cookbook author Malia Dell and get a signed  copy of her new book Food That Works: Real Meals to Survive  the 9 to 5

Malia photoOther cookbooks are great for the w
eekends, but Food That Works gives people a realistic and delicious plan for Monday through Friday.

Malia Dell, first time author and health advocate, from Maine, recently released her cookbook, Food That Works: Real Meals to Survive the 9 to 5. With the idea for this book in her heart, Malia left her corporate job in Boston to live in Spain and Turkey to research how other cultures managed their diets. In 2012, Malia washed up on the shores of Rockland, Maine, to write this book. For the past three years she has been living in the South End of Rockland, devoutly writing, testing, illustrating, photographing, and perfecting this food system. Malia is a certified wellness coach, a fitness instructor, and an advocate for ending food waste. Malia is now booking engaging wellness workshops at universities and offices across the country to spread the word of Food That Works and healthful eating.


Food That Works is a cookbook for busy people who want access to quick homemade meals Monday through Friday. It offers five great weekly menus to choose from, all paired with shopping lists, prep instructions, and realistic recipes for the week. With this book in hand, you will no longer dread going to the grocery store. Food That Works arms you with a simple, well devised shopping plan. When you get home from the store, Malia seamlessly walks you through the prep work (just like a restaurant would), as if she were  standing there with you in your kitchen. You will turn your fridge into the ultimate grab-n-go, stocked with nutritious whole foods ready to assemble on the fly. The recipes are designed to recreate the meals you love, fast, with minimal clean up, utilizing crossover ingredients so there is no waste. This 166-page cookbook is full of funky collages, illustrations, informational guides, and refreshing humor. This book is approachable and covers all the basics to help any novice prepare food like a pro.


“I was tired of spending money at restaurants and settling for eating all my meals out. We all go through the same routine of going to the store, deciding what the heck to cook, and recreating the wheel each week. I figured there had to be a better way to capture a well thought-out plan for a week’s worth of groceries and realistic recipes in one palatable spot, so I wrote this book.”

When January 9th  at 1pm

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